Correcting The Affiliation Of An Author After Publication

This decision is influenced by whether readers can accurately obtain the data from a figure and by how many readers are likely to use the numbers. If experimental results are likely to be used as reference values by other authors, publication of the numbers is desirable.

To assist in differentiating colored curves, use different line styles (dashed, solid, etc.) and give a description of the lines in the caption. See Guide to Acceptable use of Color in Color Online Figures for more information. Submit photographic images as high-resolution .jpg or .png files. Avoid submitting prescreened images of photographic material as they may not have sufficient resolution. If scanned images have to be used, make scans with as high a resolution as possible and then scale the figure to its final size. Give each figure a caption that clearly summarizes the contents of the figure. Define figure symbols and curves either in a legend in the figure itself or in the caption.

Manuscript Check

Identifying information, including photos, should not be included in the manuscript unless the information is crucial and the individual has provided written consent by completing theConsent Form for Publication in a PLOS Journal . More information about patient privacy, anonymity, and informed consent can be found in the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Privacy and Confidentiality guidelines. Subjects must have been properly american flag writing instructed and have indicated that they consent to participate by signing the appropriate informed consent paperwork. Authors may be asked to submit a blank, sample copy of a subject consent form. If consent was verbal instead of written, or if consent could not be obtained, the authors must explain the reason in the manuscript, and the use of verbal consent or the lack of consent must have been approved by the IRB or ethics committee.

Their role, in part, is to examine the experimental methods used by researchers and assure that they are appropriate. While a person who has made these four ICMJE-defined contributions clearly warrants byline authorship, there is growing concern about the universality of this definition as the complexity of how to write an essay scientific research and its communication increases. The contributions necessary to complete a body of scientific work differ from discipline to discipline. The recommendation by McNutt et al. is more practical and more accurately includes those who have made significant contributions to a research paper.

Data Sources

We will not consider the author multiple affiliated if he or she reports different departments belonging to one institution. A manuscript was published in our journal in 2015, and at the time of publishing , the author was a faculty member of a university. The author’s affiliation was not declared in the article, just the author’s qualifications. Now the author wishes us to correct the paper and list her affiliation in the article. Some institutions require approvals to publish, or authors may want to publish on topics that are outside the scope of their work.

what is affiliation in research paper

If appropriate, provide sample sizes, along with a description of how they were determined. If a sample size calculation was performed, specify the inputs for power, effect size and alpha.

Materials And Methods

For example they should have contributed to the conception, design, analysis and/or interpretation of data. The Corresponding Author is what is affiliation in research paper responsible to completing this on behalf of all authors on the research submitted to the journal and should ensure complete accuracy.

The journal might like to consider requiring all authors to use ORCID IDs. This way, affiliations can be updated, but the ORCID ID stays the same. In addition, if your dataset could be considered the property of someone else, you will need their permission what is affiliation in research paper before uploading it to a public repository. If you are publishing via Emerald Open Research, we ask that the data underlying the results is made available so that other researchers can analyse and use it, and so they can try to reproduce your results.

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Corrections to Supplementary Materials will be processed only if the errors are significant and impact content. Figures should be vector-based files such as those produced by Adobe Illustrator. Vector-based files will provide maximum flexibility for sizing figures properly without losing resolution. Requirements and do not include personal communications, “in-press,” working papers, or unpublished work of any kind. Additional information regarding control or supplemental experiments, field sites, observations, hypotheses and so on, that bear directly on the arguments of the main paper. Further discussion or development of arguments beyond those in the main text is not permitted in supplementary text.

  • Raster Vector Definition Images composed of pixels (also called “bitmapped” or “pixelmapped” images).
  • Often, this individual is also the person who has prepared the first draft of the manuscript.
  • The former could be the case if an author publishes an article on behalf of an institution while not being a member of faculty or having any real linkage to the university.
  • Authors should disclose any interactions that could be perceived as potential conflicts of interest.
  • Images composed of paths that are created with mathematical formulas.
  • Do not make extensive edits; PNAS only allows minor edits at proofs.

Digital art files should be cropped to remove non-printing borders and should not include embedded “legend” text, figure titles, or figure numbers. Any abbreviation used in the body of the table, including dashes, must be defined in a footnote to the table, listed in reading order. Create tables using the table formatting and editing feature of your word processing software.

Ethics And Dissemination

Also effective January 2012, the electronic PDF represents a published work according to the ICN for algae, fungi, and plants. Therefore the new names contained in the electronic publication of PLOS article are effectively published under that Code from the electronic narrative essay papers edition alone, so there is no longer any need to provide printed copies. A reference to the validation study if the antibody was previously validated. If not, provide details of how the authors validated the antibody for the applications and species used.

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